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what is uptime, and how important is it for my website?

what is uptime, and how important is it for my website?

When choosing hosting, see that good uptime is an important selling point for many parties. But what exactly is uptime? And how do you find out whether the uptime of a hosting provider is really as good as the company claims? To be well prepared, you can read more in this blog about uptime, uptime guarantees and reasons why your website may sometimes be unavailable.

What is uptime?

When we talk about uptime, it is about the time in which your website is accessible to visitors. This is expressed as a percentage. The closer this percentage is to 100%, the less often your website goes offline unintentionally.

In order to serve your visitors at all times, it is important that your website is easily accessible. Is your website offline? Then it could happen that a potential customer ends up at a competitor. Shame! Search engines also pay attention to the availability and reliability of your website. Websites that are often offline often receive a lower position in the search results. Another missed opportunity…

How can you calculate uptime?

To calculate the uptime percentage, look at the time the website was available (the uptime). Divide this number by the total time. Use the following formula:

Uptime (%) = (Uptime / Total time) x 100

Is your website up 23.5 hours a day? Then the uptime is as follows:

Uptime (%) = (23,5 / 24) x 100 = 97,9%

What about uptime guarantee?

To make hosting packages extra attractive, many  hosting providers offer  uptime guarantees. They indicate what uptime you can count on when you purchase a hosting package from them. At Antagonist, for example, the uptime guarantee is 99.9%. Does your website appear to have lower uptime in practice? Then you can often receive financial compensation for this. Fortunately, in practice this does not often appear to be necessary.

To get a better idea of ​​the actual downtime, we have included a few examples in the table below. A small difference in uptime can make a big difference to the accessibility of your website on a monthly or annual basis!

Reasons for downtime

It may happen that your website is temporarily inaccessible. This can have various causes, below we will discuss some of these causes with you.

Hardware problems

Websites run on physical servers that are stored somewhere and are maintained. No matter how good the maintenance is, something can always happen to a server. For example, a processor may overheat, a hard drive may crash or other hardware problems may arise. Just like a computer, kettle or shaver, the hardware of a server can also experience problems and therefore cause downtime.

Server maintenance

Server maintenance is necessary to keep a server up-to-date and secure. The software needs an update, security patches need to be installed or the hardware needs to be replaced because it is no longer up to date. In most cases, this maintenance will be scheduled at a time when few people visit your website, this is often at night and in most cases you will receive a notification of this.

What is uptime?

Cyber ​​attacks

Cyber ​​attacks are becoming more frequent and more intense. This is a serious threat to the uptime of your website. DdoS attacks can overload your server to such an extent that it crashes and your website(s) can no longer be reached. If this happens often, it can be very harmful to your company and positions in the search engines.

Problems with the software

The software your website runs on can also cause downtime. This could be due to an error in your website’s code, an incompatible plugin or problems with the CMS. To prevent this as much as possible, we recommend that you check the software regularly and update it where necessary. For example, if you have developed a website with the CMS, WordPress, it is wise to regularly update WordPress itself, the theme and the plug-ins you use. If you don’t feel like or have the time for this, you can also opt for  Managed WordPress hosting . The hosting provider in question will then take care of this work for you and ensure that your WordPress website is regularly updated.

How can you measure uptime?


Uptime Robot

To measure the uptime of your website, you can use a (free) tool. For example, use  UptimeRobot  and keep an eye on the uptime of up to 50 websites, super handy. As soon as one of your websites is offline, the UptimeRobot will send an email to notify you. In that respect, the free subscription is sufficient for most people.

You can also opt for a paid subscription at UptimeRobot. Your website will then be checked even more often and you can also use other features.

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