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VPN iPhone, why, which one and how can you use it

VPN iPhone, why, which one and how can you use it

Have you ever thought about the security of your iPhone? That small, handy device on which you also store a large part of your private life? Of course an iPhone is safe. But despite all the good security, Apple’s smartphone cannot protect you against all dangers on the Internet. Fortunately, you can take action yourself to protect your private data even better. In this blog we would therefore like to tell you more about VPN for iPhone. Read on to find out what it is, what benefits it offers and how you can use it on your iPhone.

VPN iPhone: What is it and how does it work?

A VPN service ensures that your IP address remains hidden from third parties. In addition, VPN encrypts all your online traffic. Because everything runs via external VPN servers, your data is not visible to anyone. Internet providers, hackers, advertisers and government agencies cannot track your online activities and they cannot find out your location. That is a significant improvement in your security and your online privacy!

When you use VPN on your iPhone, the VPN service ensures that all traffic between the internet and your iOS device is encrypted. It also protects your iPhone from cybercriminals, data brokers who sell your data, and advertisers who want to track your internet activities. To use VPN on your iPhone, you need a special VPN app, such as NordVPN’s app.

4 reasons to choose VPN on your iPhone

Because hackers generally attack Android or Windows systems more often, it’s tempting to think that you’re safe with your iPhone. However, you should also be careful when using macOS and iOS. These systems can also contain vulnerabilities that can make your device an easy target for hackers. And what about using public WiFi networks? Without thinking about it, we often log in to all kinds of places, even though we have no idea whether the network in question is secured. With a VPN on your iPhone, you can protect your online traffic and data from tracking, Wi-Fi spoofing, eavesdropping, and other threats. VPN on your iPhone is indispensable if…

  • …you use public WiFi networks
  • …you travel regularly
  • …you attach great importance to privacy
  • …you want to avoid price discrimination

VPN iPhone

Using public WiFi

Almost everywhere you go there is a free WiFi hotspot that you can use. Naturally, you want to use up all the data from your provider, so you quickly use a public WiFi network. With a single click you are already connected to the network of a café, library, airport or shopping center. Nice and easy, but also dangerous! Public Wi-Fi networks are often unencrypted and offer no protection whatsoever. It is also not always clear who is the manager of such a public WiFi network. This means that when you use the network, you can easily be hacked. Before you know it, your passwords, payment details and other personal information will fall into the hands of cyber criminals and of course you don’t want that. So protect your iPhone well with a good VPN app.

Travel regularly

When you’re traveling, it’s not always desirable for the whole world to know about it, right? Certainly not if you are regularly abroad. By connecting to a server in the Netherlands via a VPN, it appears as if all your internet traffic takes place from the Netherlands. And are you traveling in a country where the internet is heavily censored? Then you can also bypass that directly this way. With a so-called Meshnet function you can even access your devices at home remotely. Then you can open and edit files on your home computer and it looks as if you are surfing the internet from home. Handy, right?

Value privacy

When it comes to privacy on the Internet, people are quick to say that they ‘have nothing to hide’. This indicates that they do not carry out secret or criminal activities. However, there are data that you prefer to keep to yourself, such as your internet banking login details or your DigiD password. In addition, internet service providers and social media companies see every website you visit. By reselling that data, advertisers can target their advertisements very specifically. You can prevent this by using a VPN app.

Avoiding price discrimination

A recent study by NordVPN shows that Dutch people can save up to 44% on holidays and online bookings by using VPN. Prices from booking websites depend greatly on the country you are in. Here in the prosperous Netherlands, we unfortunately often receive higher prices. Bizarre! It is therefore worthwhile to choose a local server via VPN before booking a hotel or reserving a car.

Is my iPhone not sufficiently secured without an additional VPN?

Like many other devices, an iPhone has native VPN support. This contains some ways (protocols) to establish a VPN connection. We are talking about the following VPN protocols:

  • IKEv2/IPsec – A standard reliable protocol
  • LT2P/IPsec – A relatively slow protocol
  • PPTP – An outdated protocol only supported by old iOS 9, OS X 10.11 and earlier devices.

These protocols mainly contain the power required for a VPN connection. To actually use it, you will have to perform the VPN configuration yourself. You also have to look for a VPN server yourself to send data through. Nice if you know your stuff, but not as easy as using a VPN iPhone app. Furthermore, the standard built-in VPN protocols do not provide enough protection to keep you completely safe and anonymous on the internet.

When using a VPN app, you do not have to set anything manually, you have access to many more (excellent) protocols, you can choose from numerous servers and you enjoy the protection of many additional security measures. All you have to do is subscribe to the best VPN providers and install and enable an app.

VPN iPhone

How to choose a VPN for your iPhone?

When looking for a VPN app for your iPhone, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Is the VPN compatible with all the devices you use?
  • How many servers does the VPN app offer? A wide range of servers and VPN protocols ensure good speeds and a stable connection.
  • Is the VPN connection well secured and does it offer sufficient privacy?
  • Does the VPN app offer good speed? That is extra important if you like streaming and gaming.
  • How user-friendly is the app?

As far as we are concerned, NordVPN is highly recommended. This VPN is available for all devices, offers access to more than 5000 servers worldwide and has a very user-friendly app.

TIP: Free VPN is – in most cases – too good to be true. The selection is large, but free VPNs are known for their often poor service and reselling of data. And that while you are looking for reliability!

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