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The best WordPress hosting – What is WordPress hosting?- best Managed WordPress hosting

The best WordPress hosting

WordPress has grown rapidly in recent years to become the most popular CMS in the world. It is therefore not surprising that hosting providers respond to this. By offering special hosting for WordPress websites, they attract a specific target group and they can tailor the hosting to the use. The result is fast WordPress hosting that is excellently optimized in terms of security, updates, backups and scalability. In many cases, WordPress hosting includes a one-click installation to quickly put the CMS online. Employees of the hosting provider are often also WordPress specialists. They can provide you with good support in setting up your WordPress website, so that you can make optimal use of the servers.

What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress is a free, open-source content management system (CMS). The system was launched in 2003 with the aim of being able to set up a website yourself without any programming knowledge. The fact that there was a great need for this is evident from the millions of users who have created their website in WordPress. The large community behind the software actively contributes to the further development of the system on a daily basis. In addition, there are numerous external parties that develop themes (templates) and plugins to get the most out of your website in terms of functionality and design.

From a simple blog to a large website and even web shops, you can easily create your own in WordPress. You don’t need any knowledge of coding or web design and the possibilities are endless. When you add a special page builder to WordPress, you can drag all parts of your website into the right place. It couldn’t be simpler!

What is WordPress hosting?

Good website hosting WordPress – the name says it all – is hosting made for WordPress websites. Hosting providers know better than anyone what it takes to make a WordPress website function properly behind the scenes. By adding extra services to standard hosting, they offer customers a very user-friendly experience. Security is well organized, the website runs on fast servers, updates are carried out and a daily backup is made and the hosting is scalable.

The pros and cons of WordPress hosting

The above sounds good, right? Users often use these types of hosting packages. But there are also disadvantages. For a good overview, we list the advantages and disadvantages for you:

WordPress hosting


  • User friendly
  • Lightning fast (even with many visitors)
  • Well secured
  • Daily backup
  • Automatic software updates
  • Little downtime


  • Mainly suitable for WordPress websites
  • Providers sometimes block slowing down plugins

“Normale” WordPress hosting vs. Managed WordPress hosting

Anyone who chooses WordPress hosting can choose from different types of hosting:

“Normale” (shared) WordPress hosting

Normal WordPress hosting is the most affordable form of WordPress hosting you can choose. The optimization for WordPress is the biggest advantage. A disadvantage is that you share the server with other websites. This may cause your website to slow down at busy times.

Managed WordPress hosting

With Managed WordPress hosting, the hosting is also fully optimized for WordPress. In addition, you get access to the best levels of fast WordPress hosting. Your website will therefore perform better in terms of speed, findability and security. In addition, with Managed WordPress hosting you get more substantive support and in many cases the hosting provider ensures that your themes, plugins and WordPress itself are updated to the most recent version. This prevents vulnerabilities from developing on your website and your WordPress website from being hacked.

Which one is most suitable?

With Managed WordPress hosting you really get more value for your money. If it is important to you that your website is fast, easy to find and accessible, then you are in the right place with Managed WordPress hosting. However, we do not want to completely eliminate normal WordPress hosting. Smaller websites in particular can often do well with this. The price is friendlier and you still have hosting that is tailored to the use of WordPress. Moreover, you can always scale up to another package at a later time, if your website or the number of visitors grows.

What requirements should good WordPress hosting meet?

In order to properly compare WordPress hosting, it is useful to have a good idea of ​​what requirements this hosting should actually meet. There are a number of things you should definitely pay attention to when comparing:

Speed ​​and uptime

Fast websites score better in search engines and visitors also like it if your website has a fast loading time. Have you found website hosting for WordPress that uses a LiteSpeed ​​web server in combination with LiteSpeed ​​caching? Then you can be sure that the speed of your website is fine. If your lightning-fast website also has an uptime of at least 99%, then the site is almost always accessible. So pleasant!

Sufficient resources

How much bandwidth (data traffic) and storage space you need depends on the purpose of your website. In any case, take a good look at the resources that a hosting provider has to offer. In addition to sufficient storage space and bandwidth, you can also consider the number of websites you can manage and, for example, the number of email accounts.


Nowadays, hackers lurk even on the smallest, most insignificant websites. Annoying! The security of your website is therefore certainly a point of attention. This can prevent your website or webshop from being hacked.

Expert customer service

If you get stuck creating your website or have problems with hosting, it is nice to receive quick and professional customer service. After all, you want to solve these types of problems as quickly as possible! We therefore recommend choosing a WordPress host with good customer service. Also consider accessibility and the ways in which you can contact customer service (telephone, e-mail, tickets, live chat).

Free perks

To attract customers, web hosts often throw in nice free extras with hosting packages. By including these in your comparison, you can be sure that you get the most value for your money. You can think of 1-click installation of WordPress, good SEO settings, daily backups, a free domain name, an SSL certificate, and so on.

WordPress hosting: the pros and cons

The biggest advantage of WordPress hosting is that these hosting packages are fully tailored to the use of WordPress. This means that the best options for speed, security and uptime have been seriously considered. Litespeed servers with LiteSpeed ​​caching are often used. For some users it is a disadvantage that this form of hosting is mainly suitable for WordPress websites, but for most users that is where its strength lies.

The fast servers ensure that your website always loads quickly, even if many visitors are online at the same time. This is pleasant for visitors, but also ensures a better ranking in Google. Because using WordPress is all about user-friendliness, this also applies to WordPress hosting in most cases. Many important (daily) tasks are taken off your hands, because the web host takes care of security, making backups and automatically updating software. In addition, most WordPress hosting providers guarantee an uptime of at least 99%. So your website is almost always online!

To keep websites really fast, there are also hosting providers that block slow plugins. This is of course well-intentioned, but can be a disadvantage if the plugin you have in mind is blacklisted by your web host.

WordPress hosting prices

WordPress hosting prices vary widely. They depend on the provider and the size of the package. For cheap WordPress hosting you can opt for a small package. You can get such a small WordPress hosting package from € 1.95 per month. On average, users pay 5 euros per month for WordPress hosting. Do you choose managed WordPress hosting? Then the average prices are slightly higher. Take into account amounts around 15-20 euros per month.

Compare WordPress hosting: What should you pay attention to?

What exactly you pay attention to when comparing WordPress hosting depends on your wishes. But of course you choose WordPress hosting for a reason. You want to get the most out of your hosting to make your website a success. Therefore, pay attention, among other things

  • Speed ​​(Are Litespeed servers used?)
  • Uptime
  • Security
  • Bandwidth
  • Storage area
  • Data traffic
  • Customer service
  • THIS
  • Extras, such as backups, SSL certificate, automatic updates
  • WordPress hosting prices

Step-by-step plan: Choose the best WordPress hosting provider that suits you

Well, you want to choose the best WordPress hosting for your website. How do you handle that? With the step-by-step plan below you can make a good and affordable choice.

  1. Think about the wishes you have regarding hosting. How many visitors do you expect on the website? And how much disk space do you think you need? How much data traffic do you expect to use?
  2. Determine which providers and WordPress hosting packages are eligible. Take your wishes from step 1 into account.
  3. Calculate the costs. The most expensive package is not always the best. Therefore, compare prices and packages.
  4. Choose a suitable provider. The outcome from the above steps play the largest role in this. You can also look at speed, uptime of the servers and the expertise and accessibility of customer service.

Conclusion best WordPress hosting

Do you want to create your own WordPress website and are you looking for the best hosting provider for WordPress hosting? This does not exist. Every hosting provider and every hosting package has advantages and disadvantages. Which WordPress hosting is best for you? By comparing carefully and following the step-by-step plan above, you will discover the best options. Would you rather have a VPS than a shared server? Then compare the WordPress VPS packages from different hosting providers.

Frequently asked questions about WordPress hosting


Is WordPress hosting mandatory for a WordPress website?

Certainly not. You can also easily host your WordPress website on standard web hosting. The advantage of WordPress hosting lies in the specific services, such as automatic updates (not with every provider), backups and optimized servers. This often costs more, but you get a lot of quality and performance in return.

What is the best WordPress hosting?

The best WordPress hosting for your website depends on your wishes. For WordPress hosting Netherlands, we definitely recommend taking a look at our Top 10. These hosting providers are rated very well and that is often for a reason.


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