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Surfing tips from PC for All number 11

Here is the site that hijacks the price

Using Prisjakt is easy. Just enter the name of the product you want to buy and you will see a list of which stores sell it and at what prices. Bounty hunting has many years behind it, but it has now received a much-needed facelift. Thanks to a tidy layout, it is easier to find the right place, and the site is also better adapted to screens of different sizes thanks to something called responsive design.

5 sites where you can follow the presidential election

Live coverage from CNN

The news channel CNN is one of the best sources for those who want to follow the US presidential election on the web. In addition to comprehensive news coverage, you can watch important events as live video. And if you are not sure what the election is really about, there is an educational list of what Barack Obama and Mitt Romney think. CNN is considered to be closer to the Democrats, while its competitor Fox News (www.foxnews.com) has a Republican profile.

Test yourself: Obama or Romney?

Are you a Democrat or a Republican? By answering twelve political questions, you will find out where you stand on the political scale.

From an Arab perspective

The American presidential election does not only affect the United States, and all news channels have intensive coverage. If you want to follow it from an Arab perspective, you can, for example, do so on the Arabic television channel Al Jazeera’s English-language special page.

The best videos

If you can’t bear to surf around to different news sites, you can go directly to Youtube’s election page. The best videos from news sites such as the Wall Street Journal, ABC and the New York Times are collected here.

Who is leading right now?

Who will win the presidential election? The site Real Clear Politics compiles the results from many different opinion polls. They thus give a better gauge of public opinion than any individual survey

14 other sites for benefit and pleasure

Here are the planes – right now!

Flightradar24 is a simple but fascinating site. You see a map – where all aircraft that are in the air are marked with small icons. They move in step with the plane’s movement and by clicking on an icon you can find out more about, for example, the airline, aircraft type and route.

Find your friends’ Facebook photos

Those of you who have many friends on Facebook have probably discovered how difficult it is to keep track of their photos. Bing, which is Microsoft’s competitor to Google, has just released a search service for Facebook images. You log in with your Facebook username and now get an opportunity to search among your friends’ photos.

Share your searches

Microsoft is not content with being part owner of Facebook. They have also launched their very own social site called Socl (pronounced “social”). The most spectacular thing is the possibility to share their searches. In other words, you can let your friends (or the whole world) see what searches you do.

Free online courses in Swedish

They call themselves the Knowledge Bank, and they offer close to 8,000 educational programs – completely free of charge. Yes, Utbildningsradion’s site is a goldmine for anyone who wants to learn more, and there are both radio and TV programs here. Many programs have been locked until now, but since August they are available to the public without any registration.

Meet farmers in town

At Bondens Egen Marknad, even consumers in big cities can buy local produce directly from the farm. The market takes place all over Sweden at different times, and those who are curious do best to check the schedule online.

Test how fast you read

How fast do you read? Here you can test! Click on Start and you will see a text on the screen and when you have finished reading, click on Finished. If you answer a few control questions about the text correctly, you will find out how fast you read – and how the result compares to others. The site is in English, but there is also a slightly less advanced Swedish-language site that does the same thing.

The housewife’s best trick

How to make a trap for banana flies? Is it possible to use coffee grounds for peeling? What is the best remedy for cold sores? Life is full of difficult questions, and on the website Husmorsknep they get their answer.

Check the alien resistance

The newspaper Expo did not die with Stieg Larsson. It remains one of the most interesting sources of information on xenophobic and far-right movements. Recently, the new site Expo Idag was launched, which gathers news, blogs and a calendar of current events.

Test what you know about food and drink

Systembolaget not only sells spirits but also spreads knowledge about food and drink. If you want to test how much you know about the subject yourself, there is an online game called Spin the Bottle. It’s a quiz where you have to answer ten different questions. You can, of course, share the result on Facebook.

Make your own Halloween pumpkin

We are approaching the scariest holiday of the year. October 31st is Halloween, and one of the Halloween traditions involves turning a pumpkin into a lantern. If you want to try it yourself, there are ready-made templates to download on the food site Tasteline. For even more scary pumpkin art, check out US Ehow.

Don’t get scammed by the bank

The big banks give almost no interest on their savings accounts, but there are plenty of alternatives. As long as your money is protected by the government deposit guarantee, you can choose any bank or financial institution. The problem is that it does not apply to all accounts. If you want to know which accounts you can choose, just do a search on the National Debt Office’s special site.

The shopping tip: Your picture on photo canvas

Nothing short of sunsets and floral motifs, but surely it would be more fun with a painting that is a little more personal? At Fotoinsight, you can turn any digital image into a painting that is printed on so-called canvas. The price varies between SEK 300 and 1,900 depending on the size.

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