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Free web hosting, do or don’t?

Free web hosting, do or don’t?

Most people get excited when a product or service is offered for free. This also applies to people who are looking for a new hosting provider . But is free web hosting suitable for your website? And is it reliable enough? After all, the sun rises for nothing…

Free web hosting: Who is it suitable for?

As you might expect, you also pay a price for free web hosting. The web hosting is free, but you get few important functionalities and sometimes mandatory advertisements on your website. Some providers of free web hosting also sell your data to marketing parties. And of course the hosting provider in question hopes that you will eventually give in to their paid products.

Because of the above, free web hosting is actually not suitable for companies. After all, you want to make a serious impression on your visitor with your company. Free website hosting is suitable for users who want to take their first steps in building a website and first want to discover what they can do. You can also use free web hosting for mini projects such as a travel report or school project.

The best free website hosting

Although free hosting comes with its share of disadvantages, we are happy to help you find the best free website hosting. Because among the many free providers, there are three parties that we can recommend to you: Wix, 000hosting and Freehosting.

Free website hosting with Wix

With Wix you use the Wix website builder . This allows you to create a free website in just a few clicks. In the Wix builder you will find many functionalities and you can use many royalty-free photos and videos to supplement your content.

Is your free website ready? Then you can publish it on a Wix subdomain. The URL would then become, for example, ‘example.wix.nl’. Websites on a Wix subdomain also contain advertisements.

By getting started with Wix’s free website hosting, you can test whether this software is suitable for you. Are you satisfied and do you want to further professionalize your website? Then you can switch to a paid subscription from €8.50 per month. You will also receive a free domain name of your choice (no subdomain!) and all Wix advertisements will disappear. In that sense, the Wix total solution offers a good first step for a serious website.

Try Wix for free now

Free WordPress web hosting

WordPress is one of the most popular website builders. The great thing is: You can always use it for free. To do this, you must install WordPress on a hosting provider’s environment. It is up to you whether you choose a free or paid solution. Do you want to get started building a WordPress website completely for free? Then you can choose hosting from 000webhost or Freehosting. Curious about the paid solutions? Then compare these WordPress hosting packages.

000webhost gratis webhosting

000webhost offers free hosting, without ads. You can use this hosting for 1 website and then have access to a maximum of 300MB of writing space. The bandwidth of the free hosting is 3 GB. These specifications are actually only suitable for simple websites. Your free website at 000webhost, just like with Wix, will be on a subdomain: ‘example.000webhost.nl’. Only when you decide to pay will you have the option to choose your own domain.

Free website hosting at Freehosting

Freehosting offers free ad-free web hosting including the full cPanel for management, an email address, 10GB of disk space and “unlimited” bandwidth. In practice, this means that the bandwidth is distributed on the basis of a ‘fair use policy’, with traffic from paid customers having priority. Unfortunately, a domain name is not included, so you will have to purchase it separately.

Gratis webhosting

Free web hosting vs. paid web hosting

Some differences between free web hosting and paid hosting have already been discussed above. We will further explain the main differences below:

Storage space and bandwidth (data traffic)

Bandwidth and storage space are important parts of web hosting. The storage space determines how heavy your website can be in terms of file size. Bandwidth indicates how much data the website can and may provide to visitors. Free hosting often has a fairly low limit on storage space and bandwidth, so it can provide a good starter to get started, but is usually not sufficient for the longer term.

Features and upgrades

Free web hosting generally offers much fewer basic functionalities than paid hosting. If you want to get started seriously with your website, there are often things that you miss, such as the SSL certificate, full management of your control panel (cPanel, Direct Admin, Plesk, etc.) or good backup options. Due to factors like this, you quickly feel forced to upgrade to a paid solution.

Domain name

In most cases, free web hosting is linked to a subdomain of the relevant party where you purchase the free hosting. So you are stuck with a domain name that hints that you are using free hosting and that of course does not look too professional. A subdomain is fine for a travel blog, but less suitable for your business business card. As a result, free hosting is usually not sufficient for companies that want a professional appearance.

Website security and privacy

Free web hosting always comes with a catch. The hosting provider wants to make money from you in the long term because, again, the sun rises for nothing. There is a good chance that they will therefore sell your information directly to marketers. Therefore, pay close attention when entering your personal information and what the general terms and conditions are.

Website performance

Paid customers almost always receive better service from hosting providers. This also includes fast servers and better performance. With paid hosting you therefore have less fear that your website will go offline due to overload on the servers. Providing good uptime for a free website is a lot less of a priority for hosting providers and you will probably be placed on one server somewhere with a lot of other free users. You will therefore have to share the available resources with all other free users.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The reliability of your website plays a role in your position in Google search results. With free web hosting you often compromise on speed, security and uptime (accessibility). As a result, your website is seen as less reliable by Google and your website will therefore not appear at the top of the search results as quickly. If your website is slow, cannot be reached at all or contains malware because it has been hacked due to a lack of proper security, Google will not place your site far at the top of the results.

Customer service and technical support

A good hosting party offers extensive customer service and technical support when necessary or requested. After all, that is what you pay for. However, with free web hosting this is not an issue and you can forget about service and support. Are you having trouble finding something? Then you will have to scour the internet for the right solution yourself.

Conclusion: free web hosting, do or don’t?

Free web hosting sounds too good to be true. In many cases we therefore advise you not to opt for free web hosting. Your options are limited, you don’t score high in the search results and you can almost never count on service or support. For just a few euros per month you can make a big step up. It’s a shame to miss that opportunity!

View hosting packages from €4.00 per month here

But: do you want to create a website for a hobby project, school assignment or travel blog and speed and the degree of professionalism do not immediately matter? In such a case you can of course opt for free web hosting, if only to make it easy to take a first step.

Do you have a more serious goal in mind? Then we recommend using our selection aid to find the best hosting for your website. By choosing ‘almost-free’ hosting you get much better quality hosting for a few euros per month.

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